[AMRadio] 3.895 group

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Nov 23 22:25:08 EST 2009

I guess to them it was funny but to me it approaches the level of humor 
that I have heard on that other band.  Speaking of that bunch on 3.895, 
have they disbursed to some degree.  I note the group on 78 seems to 
have moved or died.

Now I only hear one or two on those frequencies and one member will have 
wideband audio ringing the filters in his radio followed by a big amp 
that acerbates the crap.


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From: "D. Chester" <k4kyv at charter.net>
> I recall locking horns with the 3895 slopbucket group back in the 
> early
> 70's.  I had just had a run-in with one of their ringleaders and 
> naturally I
> was on the faeces list of the whole group.
> One night I heard them in QSO doing a CB spoof, using made-up 
> callsigns with
> the proper  FCC format for CB calls when the commission used to issue 
> them,
> with my suffix as their prefix:
> "KYV2940 this is KYV1734, ten four?"
> I suppose they thought it was funny and that if I  heard it I would be
> highly offended.  Actually, I found it hilarious and was practically 
> rolling
> in the floor with laughter.
> Don k4kyv

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