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Amplifier Parts amplifierparts at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 27 10:06:01 EST 2009

Hi Gentlemen,

It's back to moving along more RF amplifier items, until they are all gone. Before complaining on-list about spam, please keep in mind 1) I am netting NO money in this adventure, and 2) this is a service to the serious builders only.

E-pay id creatingthefuture. List of all items:

Email directly on anything you see and/or want to get directly. There are several hundred items to come, vacuum variables, coaxial switches, hv transformers, power and filament transformers, hv capacitors, rf tubes, amplifier chassis, etc. with many of these in multiples. I need only minimal fair value plus post and charges, but no dumb-a** offers and do not expect free, it has taken real money and time to ensure this pile did not go to the dump.

All the best,


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