[AMRadio] Any amplifier suggestions?

Greg Mijal bluebirdtele at embarqmail.com
Mon Oct 5 14:55:17 EDT 2009

Hi Todd:

Sounds like a fun project.  I use a Swan MK2 amplifier on am for 200 w out 
using two 3-500Zs, input is 30w from an Elmac AF 67.
For 2 kvdc I think I would look into a pair of 813's running in grounded 
grid.  The 813 is a very rugged tube and show up at the flea markets and  at 
reasonable prices too.  The 572B might be a good choice too but cost more.
You said you needed a matching system and also that fewer parts is better. 
I recommend you avoid build an L tuner.  That's the random wire tuner using 
one capacitor and one coil.  I've used them before and they seem to put alot 
of RF in the shack.  I got nipped a bunch of times using a metal D 104 mic. 
I switched to a T tuner - two caps, one coil and an a balun and the shack rf 
Anyway,  have fun!
Kinston NC
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Subject: [AMRadio] Any amplifier suggestions?

>I am interested is a simple design hf amplifier for am cw on 160-80/75-40. 
>These are the bands i operate on where the extra power would help. Fewer 
>parts count the better. Ultimately lower cost the better. I have power 
>supply parts and believe that i can generate around 2000 volts. I am slowly 
>researching tubes and am leaning toward 2 or 4 tubes that can basically 
>generate lots of watts at half to two thirds their ratings to prolong their 
>life span. Perhaps tubes such as 811's, 810's, 833's, 4-400's. I am open to 
>suggestions. I will need to build or acquire a heavy duty matching system 
>as part of the amp. My goal is at least 300 Watts AM. I do not want to mess 
>with systems that require cooling other than fans. I am not interested in 
>modes for this amp other than am and cw. It will almost exclusively be used 
>for am as i rarely use more than 5 watts on cw any way. Simpler cheaper is 
>better for me. I appreciate your suggestions. Todd
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