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VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 17 15:28:27 EDT 2009


You've done well to get to your antenna maintenance before it's so cold the soldering gun won't even work (has felt like that anyway).

I googled the "Tacky Tape" to see if it's the same stuff I'm thinking about, and nothing came up to match what I also will pass along --

"Rescue Tape" is one brand of some self-fusing tape that you can wrap connections with and it cuts off cleanly, as opposed to Coax-Seal and other variants of sealant.

This stuff, and there are websites describing it fully, stretches significantly to apply layer pressure on the wrap, and then it fuses to itself like a self-vulcanizing patch.

I originally got onto it when I found a case of it at a state surplus warehouse. Military nomenclature, and it had a taper to it where the center thickness was perhaps twice that of the edges, so it would feather along nicely and not bunch up.

Excellent dielectric too, and apparently they've improved it today from the early stuff.  The directions back then said to wrap it with conventinal electrical tape to prevent UV deterioration, but now I see it has inhibitors built-in.

Don't know about a cost comparison, but anything that's watertight, physically strong, and non-corrosive (unlike silicon seal) is worth it to me.

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