[AMRadio] I need som advice

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Oct 19 17:46:15 EDT 2009

Boy my ears are pinned back on this one.  I need a 10 inch speaker for 
my old HQ 129 speaker.  The cone in the present one is just about gone.

So I thought about shellac and toilet paper or something similar, but am 
not that good with my hands.  So I looked a couple of places on the web. 
I haven't looked for a speaker since about 1959, and needless to say, 
one like I would like to have is nearly $100.  Now am I crazy or is this 

All I would like to have is a round, mid-range speaker that is 10 inches 
in diameter which won't require I sell my home to buy.  Can any one 
steer me to a place other than what I find on the search engines.  The 
first 10 pages or so is all full of speaker sellers who pay to be listed 
and list only stuff the audio nut would buy.



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