[AMRadio] I need some advice

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Oct 19 19:19:29 EDT 2009

Peter, AES was the first place I looked.  I did not find anything under 
$100.  Do you  have a part number or link that I can follow?  I have 
found one at Angela Instruments in the $25 range which is in line with 
what I would think.  But I don't have an account with them and do at AES 
so would prefer to shop there if I can find something.

And thank you John for the suggestion.  I have good hearing for my age, 
but the frequency response is much less than in the past, so anything in 
mid-range will do fine.  Will look for them.  Finding a plane Jane 
speaker results in the syndrome of "Search Overload".


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> Jim, go to Antique Electronics. The web site is www.tubesandmore.com
> They have a sort of speakers that are new and come in 12 or 10 inch 
> and the
> often needed 4 ohms for the older Collins radios.  I just bought 2 of 
> these
> and they cost around $40 each.
> -73- Peter K2LRC
> www.k2lrc.com
> In God We Trust !

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