[AMRadio] 10" speaker

Daniel Wright dwright12 at neb.rr.com
Tue Oct 20 17:22:06 EDT 2009

Hiya Bob,

It just so happens that in re-arranging the shack yesterday, I found a 
cabinet with an 8" speaker in there that I want to use. The speaker is 
shot, so I would like to purchase one of your eight-inchers. Lemme know 
what the cost with shipping will be and I will get you payment. Would 
you happen to take personal checks? I have had knee surgery and it's a 
bit hard to get out to the post office for a money order, which I will 
do if you would rather have that. :-)

Thanks es

73 de Dan -- WAØJRD ..

> Why don't you guys just go with an 8 inch full
> range speaker that I can give you for $10 and it
> will have a 70 volt transformer that you can use
> on other radio's...Definatly you do not want a
> woofer that is not a full range speaker as Steve
> said...At $10 I don't make anything but happy to
> pass a few on... Just put a piece of plywood in
> the box mount that to the enclosure and have the
> 8" full range... Now if anyone wants to have a
> kick butt speaker and build your own enclosure I
> have a 6 " speaker coaxial in a can 8 ohm or 4 ohm
> that will knock your sox's off... Ask SAW he has
> installed them... The 4 Inch is as good or better
> than 80 % of the Bose and JBL  Right Steve...  You
> got an AMer friend out here that manufactures
> speakers and will cut you a deal...
> Bob W1PE

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