[AMRadio] Speaker question

Gary Schafer garyschafer at comcast.net
Tue Oct 20 19:20:26 EDT 2009

If you guys want some real base response I have a pair of 30 inch sub
woofers each mounted in 36 cubic foot enclosures with 1 1/2 inch thick
walls. These will supply true 16 Hz response with very low distortion. And
they will shake your pant legs if you desire.
They are for sale if someone is interested.

For a general purpose speaker a car radio oval speaker is hard to beat.

Gary K4FMX

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> I looked over the speakers at Parts Express just to see what they have.
> The freq resp. of that $20 woofer is up to 2200 cycles.  There was a 'Pro'
> speaker that went to 6600 cycles.  Can a 10" diameter speaker, achieve a
> wide response when it has to move that large of a cone?  The  single 8 and
> 10 inch speakers in the old cabinet TV's and radios, I wonder what they
> would have tested out to freq. resp. wise.  Always thought those old
> radios and TV's sounded good because it was bassy due to the large
> speaker.  When you cranked up the treble, if it even had that option, it
> would get tinny sounding and lower audio out. They never did any fancy
> encloser either, just a hole in the cabinet somewhere and some wood
> screws.  I still use an 8" speaker from a 1950's era Silvertone B&W
> console TV, and still sounds great.  Forget foam suspended speakers, the
> air pollution always attacks the foam and they give up the ghost. But,
> that seems to be all you can
>  find in the larger speakers now-a-days.
> Charlie, W4MEC in NC
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