[AMRadio] 3.875

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Oct 26 10:07:47 EDT 2009

For years I have heard multiple SSB groups competing with AM stations on 
3875.  Some members of at least one of the SSB groups regularly occupying 
the frequency are also prominent well-respected AM'ers. I have no problem 
with anyone using the frequency, first come, first served, regardless of 
mode.  Use it or lose it.  But deliberately firing up on frequency when one 
knows it is already in use and that the transmission will cause QRM to an 
existing QSO is quite another matter.

There are similar issues with the west coast AM groups operating on 3870, 
particularly when AM'ers from the east join in.

BTW the "Macaroni" net seems to have disappeared from 3872.  Evidently the 
group fizzled or they found a more suitable frequency.

Now that the QRN is diminishing, 3870-90 is getting more crowded and 
roundtables are getting larger and more cumbersome, how about a little more 
AM presence down in the vicinity of 3700?  There are wide open spaces on the 
lower end of 3600-3700 and some CW ops have talked about petitioning the FCC 
to "return" part of their "lost" segment.  Of course, they are still free to 
use those frequencies any time they wish and the CW operators didn't lose a 
thing with the phone band expansion.

Don k4kyv

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