[AMRadio] Open vs Closed QSOs

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Wed Oct 28 06:54:41 EDT 2009

Maybe some people just like to complain about friendly people joining in on 
the QSO, they probably do not like cellphones going off in a restaurant or 
theater, or the friendly sales people that call on the telephone a dinner 

 I greatly favor one on one and usually ignor breaker stations.  On 10 
meters, when rarely open, it seems like every QSO had a breaker and better 
yet, they could not hear the other station. It is so much fun relaying the 
conversation between the other two stations.

I was on the upper end of 80 a few days ago and so many piled on that I just 
faded away.  Stay at the bottom end!! 3.7 + or -    Bernie W8RPW 

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