[AMRadio] Open vs Closed QSOs

Nick England navy.radio at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 12:06:41 EDT 2009

FWIW - I spend the vast majority of my shack time restoring old gear -
I always flip on a receiver and tune around for some AMers to listen
to in the background. Whenever I have *finally* got something working
on the bench, it would be nice to think folks who seem to be just
passing time shooting the breeze wouldn't mind a quick break for a
signal report. But it seems hard to find anyone who pauses long enough
between overs to allow such a thing. And no response to a CQ on a
clear frequency either means the repair job isn't working or nobody's

Mind you I'm not interested testing my power supply's longevity by
making an old buzzard transmission about the People's Republic of New
Jersey or whatever, just would like to know if I'm making some
progress on all this junk in the shack.

So please keep an ear out for folks who are trying to get AM running
on a 60-year old Navy transmitter (or on a 60-day old rice box). If
you're a Big Gun, taking a little time to be helpful doesn't cause you
much inconvenience and is greatly appreciated on the other side.

Nick K4NYW

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