[AMRadio] And you thought OUR bureaucracy could be daunting...

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Sep 3 02:54:28 EDT 2009

French amateurs have yet to be granted access to 7100-7200 kHz. Here's the 
response to the inquiry submitted by Betty Magnin, President of the REF 
(French counterpart to ARRL, RSGB, RAC, etc.).

From: ERPELDING Florence
Sent: vendredi, 28. août 2009 15:52
To: Betty Magnin
Subject: RE: Modification du TNRBF


The opening of the 7100-7200 kHz band to the amateur service was approved at 
the CPF on March 11, 2009 (change of affectataire CSA ARCEP). Following the 
publication of the decree of June 25, 2009 amending the national allocation 
table of frequency bands, ARCEP has prepared a draft decision amending 
Decision No 2008-0841 dated July 24, 2008. The draft decision will be 
presented at the next Advisory Committee on Electronic Communications 
(October 19 or November 9, the date to be determined). The conditions of use 
specified in the decision will be subject to approval by the Minister in 
charge of electronic communications, before the decision can be published in 
the Official Journal.


Florence Erpelding

Regulatory Authority,
Electronic Communications and Postal Department regulation for operators and 
scarce resources frequencies Unit 7
Square Max Hymans
75730 PARIS
Cedex 15

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