[AMRadio] Hallicrafters R-12 speaker

Jim WB5OXQ inb Waco, TX wb5oxq at grandecom.net
Sun Sep 6 15:02:50 EDT 2009

Check JW Davis in Dallas.  They may have a good full range 12" made for 20 
watts or less.  They have a website.

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> Yes indeed Bob,
> That is exactly what I meant about using a modern replacement.  Those 8 
> inch coaxial speakers will far out perform the old 12" speaker.  There was 
> at one time some nice 12" coaxial speakers around but I don't see them 
> anymore except in ovals for cars.  But, again, a guy could build a 
> mounting plate adapter, are use the grill, to make these fit into the old 
> cabinet, and have a very nice speaker system.
> As far as great sound at low levels, there are a number of computer 
> speaker sets made by Altec Lansing, Bose, and others that will just blow 
> you away for under $50.00. They have power ratings that are very inflated 
> in most cases, but they still sound great.
> Now for ham radio listening with QRM and noise, I prefer a narrower 
> bandwidth speaker.  I have some small 4 inch speakers in little wooden 
> boxes, which can hardly be called HIFI.  I can put one right in front of 
> my face and it is a lot like headphone presence.
> The Devil is the culprit of old age I'm sure.  Don't believe in all that 
> golden years stuff.
> 73,John, WA5BXO

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