[AMRadio] SP600 Question

JAMES HANLON knjhanlon at msn.com
Sat Sep 12 13:48:49 EDT 2009

  I have started replacing caps in an SP-600 JX-17. I removed the crystal unit and was wondering if there is a need for it other than using crystals. In other words can I leave it out and if so what connections need to be made to bypass it. 

  Thanks all, Paul WA3GFZ 


  Be sure you get to the caps INSIDE the IF transformers and that second conversion can that is hanging off the side of the tuning assembly.  They WILL GO BAD if they are the black beauty variety.  If any of them are bad, be sure to test the resistor that is between them and the B+ lead.  That may have burned out when the capacitor shorted.  

  That cap inside the second conversion can is hard to get to.  I finally had to drop the power supply sub-chassis to get the can off.  Hammarlund did a lousy job of physical design, in my opinion.  

  I don't know about removing the crystal unit for sure.  From the schematic it looks like it is completely switched out of the circuit when the receiver is operating in the VFO mode, so you could at least detach it.  You'd leave some holes in the panel if you took it out completely.  

  Jim, W8KGI

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