[AMRadio] SP600 Question

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Sep 14 10:16:03 EDT 2009

>  I have started replacing caps in an SP-600 JX-17. I removed the crystal 
> unit and was wondering if there is a need for it other than using 
> crystals. In other words can I leave it out and if so what connections 
> need to be made to bypass it.
>  Thanks all, Paul WA3GFZ

If you are not using the crystal unit, but it is not impairing the function 
of the receiver, what is the point of removing it?  You might find it useful 
sometime in the future, or if you eventually sell or swap the receiver, a 
subsequent owner might want it in original condition.  Besides, you will 
either have a useless function control on the front panel or some empty 

IMO it decreases the value of a piece of equipment to butcher it with a 
"modification" that serves no useful purpose.

That reminds me of AM transmitters that sometimes appear at  hamfests that 
have had all the components in the speech amp and  modulator removed to make 
"CW transmitters" out of them after SSB came along.  Or a Hallicrafters 
receiver I saw once in which a CB'er had removed all the coils except for 
the band that had 11m.

Don k4kyv

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