[AMRadio] SP600 Question

Edward Swynar gswynar at durham.net
Mon Sep 14 11:43:46 EDT 2009

Hi Don,

How about those vintage Johnson Ranger & Viking transmitters with all of the
"classic" hi-fi audio mods done on them by the latest & greatest AM

...And I do NOT mean mods that might entail a simple increase in capacitor
value here, the removal of a bypass capacitor there, etc. etc.---I mean the
whole enchelada, where some current "expert" corrected the "faults" of the
original Johnson engineer by (literally) completely gutting & re-building
the entire audio section, from beginning to end...!

...And then they peddle these abominations as "classic" rigs...

It's like dropping a Chevy V-8 into a '32 Ford, & selling it as a "vintage /
classic" car---hardly! And you are right-on: such butchery DOES (IMHO,
anyway) detract from any possible re-sale value of something that has
morphed into someone else's "ideal" personal creation...

~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3xZ


You know the mods I meanAU
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> >  I have started replacing caps in an SP-600 JX-17. I removed the crystal
> > unit and was wondering if there is a need for it other than using
> > crystals. In other words can I leave it out and if so what connections
> > need to be made to bypass it.
> >
> >  Thanks all, Paul WA3GFZ
> If you are not using the crystal unit, but it is not impairing the
> of the receiver, what is the point of removing it?  You might find it
> sometime in the future, or if you eventually sell or swap the receiver, a
> subsequent owner might want it in original condition.  Besides, you will
> either have a useless function control on the front panel or some empty
> holes.
> IMO it decreases the value of a piece of equipment to butcher it with a
> "modification" that serves no useful purpose.
> That reminds me of AM transmitters that sometimes appear at  hamfests that
> have had all the components in the speech amp and  modulator removed to
> "CW transmitters" out of them after SSB came along.  Or a Hallicrafters
> receiver I saw once in which a CB'er had removed all the coils except for
> the band that had 11m.
> Don k4kyv
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