[AMRadio] Stoddart receiver

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Mon Sep 14 13:04:33 EDT 2009

I need some help in identifying the probable model number of a Stoddart VLF 
rx that was recently " liberated"  from our barn.  it was light gray wrinkle 
finish with a 7 5/8 tall by 16 5/8 wide formed aluminum front that was held 
in place by four spring clips to  protect the controls.  I have the cover, 
it apparently was knocked off when they threw it into their truck . (nice) 
It was in mint condition and I believe it had never been used.    I did open 
it years ago and run it a while, as I recall it appeared to be the equal of 
Collins quality and it  seems that I had to construct an external power 
supply to operate it, but not sure.      It had a two digit serial number, I 
believe 14.  Its vintage was pre 1960 and came from a relation that I am 
sure was a spook.   Any guess as to value would also be appreciated.  Other 
keepers were also taken including a 1928 harley model JD engine. 
transmission, and frame. I have posted reward notices ($3,500) but no luck. 
Thanks Bernei Doran W8RPW 

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