[AMRadio] SX-28 Cabinet wrinkle finish - in progress...

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Sep 14 17:28:54 EDT 2009

Very good, it looks the same as the dash board of the Ercoupe 415C I 
once owned.  Very thick and wrinkled.  Are you using the oven strategy 
or putting the surface under heat lamps?

  Strangle my face is developing the same kind of wrinkles.


----- Original Message ----- 

> I've added two photos of the wrinkle texture I'm getting so far on the
> cabinet.  These were taken to pick up the texture best I could, but 
> have
> some glare on them.  So far I'm pretty satisfied.  After the wrinkle 
> is
> done, I will go back and paint with the correct color I had made.
> The two new ones are at the bottom of the thumbnail page:
> http://w5ami.net/cpg1419/thumbnails.php?album=16
> If I'm lucky, I might actually have the rig back in the cabinet with 
> the
> front panel on this week.
> 73
> Brian / wa5am

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