[AMRadio] Ham mods (was Re:SP600 Question)]

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Tue Sep 15 12:18:15 EDT 2009

Concerning the discussion of audio modifications to commercially designed
amateur AM transmitters:

A lot of these rigs from the 1950s (Viking I, Viking II, Valiant, DX-100)
did, in fact have pretty nasty audio in their stock state, and there are
good reasons to go in and engineer improvements in that department - and
there are many "low-hanging fruit."

Granted, modifications made by hams will cover the spectrum from
worse-than-stock to an "extreme make-over" in the positive direction. So
will their physical implementation.

(From what I've heard and had experience with, the Collins 32V-* series,
and the Johnson Viking Ranger, are among the best-sounding in stock form
of this generation of gear.)

Myself, I don't like to sound raspy, distorted, or overly restricted, so
I've more-or less had my way with these rigs to varying degrees here at
ARS NE1S. Then again, I don't own any museum pieces, I got all of them for
nothing or close to it, and could give a rats behind about any resale
value. I do make sure any mods I do are neatly implemented and not ugly
hack jobs, simply because that's the way I like to do things. They are my
toys to enjoy, and enjoy them I do. There are two reasons I don't own any
super-clean gear of this type: (1) the pricetag, and (2) I'd be reluctant
to do what I consider necessary modifications to it. I'll agree with what
Jim W5JO said - this type of experimentation is ham radio at its best, and
I've learned a lot in the process.


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