[AMRadio] AM Transmitter "quality"

Brett Gazdzinski Brett.Gazdzinski at verizon.net
Tue Sep 15 20:25:57 EDT 2009

The digital stuff actually goes out to 4000 Hz.
In the past, my company did the network for the FAA, and we had to test the 
lines out to 3400 Hz to pass what was needed.
That was often at the end of a lot of copper....

Sorry, but I think some rigs just sound nasty, although part of it might be 
the mic and operator.
You can be restricted and punchy without sounding nasty, its the clipping, 
distortion, and crazy response curves that make rigs sound nasty.

I don't need to send or hear anything above and below about 100 Hz to 4000 
Hz, but extending the response well beyond those points cleans up the audio 
to those points.
If you build a rig that only goes 300 to 2800, the distortion at 300 and 
2800 is usually high.

All the vintage rigs were built to price for the most part, cutting corners 
to lower the price was what they did.
I doubt any of the designers thought the rigs were really good, maybe really 
good for the price, but not really good.

You cant tell me the designer of the DX-100 thought that driver transformer, 
or the high voltage power supply was the best that could be built!

I came to the conclusion about 20 years ago that almost all ham gear was 
Some of it was neat and fun to play with, some of it had parts of it that 
were adequate, and most was really poor.



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