[AMRadio] AMRadio Digest, Vol 68, Issue 19

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed Sep 16 22:31:06 EDT 2009

> FYI - you need not apply a primer when using wrinkle paint.
> David Knepper, W3ST-W3CRA

I have seen old black-wrinkled equipment that had been left in a humid 
environment for a long time. The wrinkled finish had blistered and peeled, 
but beneath the wrinkle coat there was an unwrinlked black coat still 
intact.  I don't recall if that sub-layer was gloss or  flat, but apparently 
it was used as a primer under the wrinkle coad.

Maybe that's why the wrinlke coat blistered and peeled.

I have noticed that the wrinkle finish on1930's era pre WW2 gear has a 
texture that is very different from post WW2 wrinkle  finishes.  I have 
looked in vain for any information on how that 1930's finish was attained or 
how to duplicate it.  The old-style wrinkle has a grainy texture, while the 
more recent wrinkle finishes are very uniform, whether the wrinkles are 
coarse or fine.

Don k4kyv


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