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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Sep 21 11:11:04 EDT 2009

You are correct Todd, that is precisely what I meant.  There are several 
groups like this scattered around mostly in the lower part of the phone 
segment.  I have had run ins with them not only on AM but SSB.  Rod, 
amateur radio is not an intercom now does anyone own a frequency as Todd 
says.  Rather it is a hobby in which all stations have rights to 
transmit anywhere they do not interfere with on-going communications. 
If I have listened for 1-5 minutes and do not hear anyone talking, the 
frequency is fair game.  And given my AM receiver has greater bandwidth 
than the SSB rig, I will hear someone 1-2 Kc away.

Do not let them intimidate you, I don't and they will try.


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> Rob, I don't think that is what Jim is suggesting at all. Rather, he 
> is
> likely referring to the 'dead air' groups who leave a radio running to
> listen for their buddies, but aren't in QSO. You can listen to the 
> frequency
> for long periods with no activity. But call CQ or ask if the frequency 
> is in
> use, and they jump on you. Since they see it as 'their' frequency, no 
> one
> else should be using it.
> I don't think anyone would advocate loading up and transmitting on a
> frequency already in use. It's obviously a good to listen for a while 
> since
> there maybe someone transmitting that you don't hear. An ongoing 
> problem for
> the AMer on 40 is getting some activity going on a frequency before 
> the busy
> time of night kicks in. 7.160 is as good a place as any, but only if 
> someone
> is there to use it. Otherwise, find an open area and throw out a call. 
> After
> the dinner hour for most of us, the band is in full swing with DX. So
> earlier is better.
> 73 -
> ~ Todd,  KA1KAQ/4
> On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 10:36 AM, Rob Atkinson 
> <ranchorobbo at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Jim,
>> If you want to fire up ur rig and call CQ on 7160 when there is a qso
>> on 7161, 7158 or 7162 be my guest, it is your station not mine, but
>> where I come from, we call people who do that lids.
>> 73
>> Rob K5UJ

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