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Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 13:58:57 EDT 2009

I've always had two theories as to why stations continue to purchase
RE27s, one is that if you are already using 5 or 10 of them and all
your processing is set up for the re27, you will be loath to throw
another mic into the mix and have to accommodate it; the other is a
notion true or false, that RE27s are built to take talent
abuse--dropped, left out in the rain....I know Bob Heil's mics are
made to sound good; can anyone speak to their ability to stand up to
physical abuse?  One reason I don't recommend the 20 and 27 to hams is
that hams probably take better care of their mics than some DJ and
therefore don't need to pay an extra 200 or 300 dollars for the

Rob K5UJ

On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 11:52 AM, Stevan A. White <w5saw at pathwayz.com> wrote:
> In all likelihood this is probably a rehash of the Ford-Chevy-Dodge
> discussion; but, I do prefer the Heil PR-30/40 over the Electro-Voice
> RE-20/27.  (Apologies to the Sennheiser and Audio-Technica devotees, I
> don't want to leave you out.)  While the EV mics are quite good they
> have a few "bumps" and "dips" in the frequency response curve that,
> while not too severe, alter the resultant audio just enough to make it
> sort of bland to my ear.  This may not be true for every EV RE-20/27
> user but it is for me and a lot of others -- NOT what I'd expect from a
> mic that is as spendy as those.  I really like the warmth and smoothness
> of the Heil PR-30/40.  The sensitivity is quite good and while it does
> exhibit some proximity effect, for my money it is probably the best
> vocal/announce mic I have ever had the pleasure of using.  (YMMV)  I
> have not yet tried but was very pleased to see the PR-35 when it came
> out.  It is a hand held version of the PR-30.  The PR-40 goes the extra
> mile with extended frequency response (and more of "studio" look to it)
> and is an absolutely stellar performer.  That and the Heil mics exceed
> the performance of most similar dynamic mics and some condenser mics for
> a lot le$$ money.  Although Bob Peters, W1PE and I are good friends, and
> Bob Heil and I are probably friends now based on my comments about his
> products, I have never been paid to promote Heil microphones or received
> any product for my testimonials.  I do however keep finding the hidden
> mic on the cover of "Radio" magazine and entering the monthly contest in
> hopes of winning a Heil mic only to be passed over each and every
> month.  (sigh)  This month it's a PR-40...I have my fingers
> crossed...maybe I can finally replace my Shure SM-7!  :-)  Then there's
> mic processing...
> 73 de W5SAW, Steve White
> Bob Peters wrote:
>> I would say better then the RE27 Phil....More and
>> More BC stations are buying Heil over EV... Steve
>> W5SAW that you see on the list here is a Broadcast
>> engineer and now recommends Heil over EV all the
>> time... He likes the PR-30 a lot and recommends
>> it... Off course the price I gave was minus shock
>> mount... That costs more on all of them...
>> Bob W1PE
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