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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Mon Sep 21 14:43:58 EDT 2009


There are two good Hi-Z mics that come to mind.  Both are, (were), mfg 
by Shure.  The 55S and the 737A.

Both have a response from about 100cps to 10Kc.

I know that most folks seem to no longer consider them, BUT, Mike M., 
W3NB has won the Heavy Metal Rally several times with his Gates TX and 
his 55S.

Mike also has the lows.  I do to, but to a lesser extent, and use a 737A.


Bob - N0DGN

Gerald Stockinger wrote:
> Good morning to all. Since I will soon be new to AM having been on SSB 
> since 1957 I need the benefit of others experience. Last week a good 
> amount of time was spent on audio quality so I thought I would ask here. 
> The rig is a Collins KW-1. I need a good quality (broadcast if you will) 
> microphone to use with it, I have a deep voice and I sound terrible on a 
> 300 to 3000 mic. I need more lows than  that. I welcome any suggestions 
> on what microphone might fill my needs. 73
> Jerry K9GOZ

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