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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Mon Sep 21 15:12:30 EDT 2009


There are two good Hi-Z mics that come to mind.  Both are, (were), mfg
by Shure.  The 55S and the 737A.

Both have a response from about 100cps to 10Kc.

I know that most folks seem to no longer consider them, BUT, Mike M.,
*WN3B* (not W3NB), has won the Heavy Metal Rally several times with his 
Gates TX and
his 55S.

Mike also has the lows.  I do to, but to a lesser extent, and use a 737A.


Bob - N0DGN

Gerald Stockinger wrote:
> Good morning to all. Since I will soon be new to AM having been on SSB 
> since 1957 I need the benefit of others experience. Last week a good 
> amount of time was spent on audio quality so I thought I would ask here. 
> The rig is a Collins KW-1. I need a good quality (broadcast if you will) 
> microphone to use with it, I have a deep voice and I sound terrible on a 
> 300 to 3000 mic. I need more lows than  that. I welcome any suggestions 
> on what microphone might fill my needs. 73
> Jerry K9GOZ

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