[AMRadio] Microphone recomendation

Stevan A. White w5saw at pathwayz.com
Mon Sep 21 15:28:16 EDT 2009

Earlier, in my enthusiasm for Heil mics I failed to mention (except at 
the end of my post) that I like and still use Shure mics.  The 55S and 
737A are good hi-Z mics as are the Shure 585SD, 565SD, and 545SD (all 
dual-Z) and the E-V 664 which was a very popular podium mic in the 60s 
and 70s.  I have an old E-V 664 which I plan to restore and use in my 
ham station.  It too can be wired for either hi-Z or lo-Z.  Take a look 
at http://www.coutant.org/contents.html for information on a lot of 
different mics.

73 de W5SAW, Steve White

rbethman wrote:
> Jerry,
> There are two good Hi-Z mics that come to mind.  Both are, (were), mfg 
> by Shure.  The 55S and the 737A.
> Both have a response from about 100cps to 10Kc.
> [snip]

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