[AMRadio] Help with RME 4350 (not "A")

Daniel Wright dwright12 at neb.rr.com
Mon Sep 21 15:41:25 EDT 2009


I recently acquired a beautiful RME 4350 (not "A"). It looks fantastic, 
but it's kind of deaf. It looks like it has been electrically "restored" 
but the previous owner sez he knows nothing (I believe him too). The 
sensitivity seems "adequate" on 160 and then goes down from there with 
10 meters virtually not there at all (yes I know about band conditions, 
I am basing this on noise and tests with locals). The S-meter barely 
registers on any band and there seems to be this funny interaction 
between the "ant trim" and cal controls.

I was going to try to fix this myself, but I may not be up to it as well 
as not having ANY decent gear should it need an alignment. So my 
question. Is there anyone out there that you guys could recommend to 
send this thing to for electrical service??

Thanks a bunch!

73 de Dan -- WAØJRD ..

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