[AMRadio] Mic recomendation for rig

rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Mon Sep 21 17:23:31 EDT 2009


On the back of the 55S "should" be a switch to set for "L", "M", or "H" 
for impedance.

There are a couple of pages for it on BAMA.  Otherwise I can send them 
direct by E-MAIL.

These settings provide for a wide range of matching possibilities.

Todd and others can and I'm sure "will" provide the necessary info to 
change the audio around in your KW-1.

Best luck, and hope to hear you shortly on the air!

Bob - N0DGN

Gerald Stockinger wrote:
> Good Afternoon and thanks to all that replied and there were many. When 
> the name Shure 55 came up I went and looked and sure enough I had one 
> upstairs in the closet. Bob W0YVA uses one and he runs it into the phone 
> patch jack which  is 600 ohms. So that is a place to start. Many 
> suggested the EV 664. I have one of those but it might need a new 
> cartridge. As for a new mic many had good things to say about the Heil 
> PR line and I might try a PR30 at some later date. To Paul VJB my rig is 
> stock and I am looking into that. Todd my KW-1 is s/n 115 so I think 
> that is somewhat later. Supposedly there were 150 plus two prototypes 
> made. I have the whole set of Electric radio and will explore #23 & # 54 
> tonight. Bob W0YVA has sent me info on jumping out the clipper and 
> eliminating the splatter choke. I have some cap changes from him as well 
> and I will consolidate all this info so when I do it I only have to pull 
> the audio deck once. The last time my Doctor was inside of me he fixed 
> three hernia's. If I create any more I will catch  hell from him. He is 
> a personal friend and saved me from Colon Cancer about two years ago and 
> watches me like a mother hen. So one time out for the audio deck has to 
> get everything. Again thanks to everyone that responded to my inquiry 
> with your thoughts, suggestions, and just the spirit of camaraderie that 
> I have enjoyed throughout my 52 years in ham radio.  73
> Jerry K9GOZ

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