[AMRadio] Mic recomendation for rig

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 17:46:17 EDT 2009

Just remembered something:  It's a good idea to invest in an AF signal
generator if you don't already have one.  Feed it into the rig's audio
input; set its level so you are seeing a 100% sinusoidal envelope on
the KW1's output on ur scope at say, 1000 Hz.  With the rig tx a
carrier into a dummy load sweep the sig gen up from around 40 hz up,
noting at what audio frequency the rig hits 100% and then what AF the
modulation starts to fall off on the high end.  You don't have to run
the KW1 flat out for this because a typical ham dummy load will smoke,
or you could probably put it on the antenna on 160 in the daytime.
That part is your flat tx response range inbetween where it rolls off.
 It's not a bad idea to know that before you do any mods to the rig so
you have some sort of stock baseline  for your TX frequency response
to compare your modifications to.    It's nice to have a flat response
a bit beyond where you want to roll your audio off with your
equalizing, external low pass filtering etc.


> On Mon, Sep 21, 2009 at 3:08 PM, Gerald Stockinger
> <cliogunsmith at centurytel.net> wrote:
>> Good Afternoon and thanks to all that replied and there were many. When
>> the name Shure 55 came up I went and looked and sure enough I had one
>> upstairs in the closet. Bob W0YVA uses one and he runs it into the phone
>> patch jack which  is 600 ohms. So that is a place to start. Many
>> suggested the EV 664. I have one of those but it might need a new
>> cartridge. As for a new mic many had good things to say about the Heil
>> PR line and I might try a PR30 at some later date. To Paul VJB my rig is
>> stock and I am looking into that. Todd my KW-1 is s/n 115 so I think
>> that is somewhat later. Supposedly there were 150 plus two prototypes
>> made. I have the whole set of Electric radio and will explore #23 & # 54
>> tonight. Bob W0YVA has sent me info on jumping out the clipper and
>> eliminating the splatter choke. I have some cap changes from him as well
>> and I will consolidate all this info so when I do it I only have to pull
>> the audio deck once. The last time my Doctor was inside of me he fixed
>> three hernia's. If I create any more I will catch  hell from him. He is
>> a personal friend and saved me from Colon Cancer about two years ago and
>> watches me like a mother hen. So one time out for the audio deck has to
>> get everything. Again thanks to everyone that responded to my inquiry
>> with your thoughts, suggestions, and just the spirit of camaraderie that
>> I have enjoyed throughout my 52 years in ham radio.  73
>> Jerry K9GOZ

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