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D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Mon Sep 21 18:32:32 EDT 2009

> Amateurs operating in IARU Region 1 can't operate above 3.8 MHz and
> amateurs in IARU Region 3 can't operate above 3.9 Mhz.  So, to be more
> consistant with the rest of the world, if you 're going to petition the
> FCC for more U. S. phone space on 40 meters to be more consistant "with
> the rest of the world", you should also agree that the petition should
> also include removal of at least the top 100 KHz of 3.5 MHz from use by
> all U. S. amateurs in IARU Region 2.  i.e. Just to fair and consistant
> with many countries in the rest of the world.
> Of course, we have beat this dead horse several times already.
> Pete, wa2cwa

I don't get the connection.  This is Region 2, NOT Region 1 or 3.  And what 
does 3.9-4.0 mHz have to do with it?  Canada, Mexico and other Region 2 
countries are all allowed to run phone below 7.125 and they still have full 
access to 7.2-7.3 as well as 3.9-4.0.  We are unique in that we are 
restricted to the back of the 40m bus just because we have a lousy American 

So give us one good reason for US amateurs being restricted form using phone 
on 7.100 to 7.125, or 7.075-7.100, since very few US CW or data ops use it. 
Hell, even US amateurs in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam and other US 
overseas territories have access to 7.075-7.100, but not those of us here in 
the lower 48..  What are the CW guys afraid of losing, since they would 
still be able to legally operate CW on those frequencies if they wanted to, 
but even now rarely operate there despite having "exclusive" access to it?

Those who currently gripe about something being "stolen" from them because 
the phone band was expanded  down to 3600 kHz can still legally operate CW 
on 3600-3700 but I rarely, if ever, hear any CW activity down there.

Maybe there was a legitimate argument for keeping US phone activity at the 
high end of the band back when we had a novice band on 7.10-7.15 and hams in 
Regions 1 and 3 were crammed down between 7.0 and 7.1, but those days are 
over.  There is no more novice band and 40m has been doubled in size outside 
of Region 2.

Don k4kyv


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