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rbethman rbethman at comcast.net
Tue Sep 22 13:23:22 EDT 2009

The eventual "dead" D-104 is now becoming more the norm.

You can go expensive replacements, OR you can get in touch with:

> Glen, K9STH -
> I make a kit which uses the Kobitone element that is sold by Mouser.  
> The "curves" on the microphone as well as a photo of the assembly can 
> be found at
> http://k9sth.com/uploads/Astatic_Cartridge_-1.JPG
He has a simple inexpensive package replacement.

The reason the D-104s are dying is the same reason thay always have.  
They are Rochelle Salts elements.  They do NOT tolerate impacts nor high 

Most hams are guilty of dropping or knocking microphones off the working 
station bench.  Stor things in an uncontrolled environment, and the high 
temp issue pops up.


Bob - N0DGN

Gerald Stockinger wrote:
> Since the drift of the thread has gotten on to the pro's and con's of 
> the D104 I have another question. I have used the D104 in the 
> unamplified style for about 40 years and was always been satisfied with 
> its performance on SSB with my voice driving it. I have two of the old 
> beasts here with the "G" stands in very good mechanical condition. The 
> only problem is that one is totally dead and the other sounds like a 
> drowning person calling for help from the bottom of a rain barrel. As 
> Rush would say they have both assumed rig temperature. Since Astatic is 
> no longer I would like to draw from the groups experience in rebuilding 
> these. I am aware of Heils rebuild kit but know nothing of how it works 
> out. Also are there other suppliers of replacement parts?
> 73
> Jerry K9GOZ

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