[AMRadio] Mic recommendations

CL in NC mjcal77 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 22 13:48:29 EDT 2009

Just to be 'not HI-FI' here, I run an Apache with only the interstage coupling caps changed in the audio section, and a crystal microphone of unknown origin with the name 'Crown'  on a red medallion in the center of the grill.  While I am not even suggesting BC quality here, the reports are good, and many times, I will get a report in marginal conditions where I am the only one clearly understood.  My DX100B, is slightly morre modified, and I run a D104 with it.  Reports I have received, including SWL's,  on that rig are always good, and again, I can be heard clearly in marginal condx.

It would seem to me, that in a BC station situation, where signal strengths are so strong, that you can hear much of the the announcers  movements along with the timbre of his voice, and you are being listened to on receivers that have a modicum of design to allow more fidelity than the average ham RX, all this effort is necessary.  But, in the average ham static crash, power line buzz, QRM world we live in, audio quality should be  tailored to get through this mess, than sound like your average commercial radio station.

The quality of the the ham RX on the other end is a big factor too.  If I am listening to your BC station on my Heath HR10B, with a Motorola mobile speaker,  I am going to have a different opinion of your signal than if I am on the R390A or the SX62 with 8" speakers.  I have heard many stations in QSO, where apparently their signal strengths are such that they can take advantage of the quality swapping, but in most cases, I have found some of those HI-FI stations poor at punching through the normal ham world of QRM and propagation shifts. 

I guess, the folks that run equalizers can dial in appropriate ranges, and probably the AM'er that does this is more successful than most.  The rice boxes and TenTec rigs I have heard on AM, and have TX audio equalizers, in most cases never seem to get it right.  They all sound to me, to miss that one element, the miniscule  backround sound refelections that give their audio depth.  They all sound like they are in a room full of sound absorbing material. 

I am not disparraging your love of perfect audio.  Like you, the more knobs, switches, and  dials to mess with, the more meters to flick up scale,  the merrier.  But also, play around with your audio options to make yourself heard, when you are only S3, and not 40 over.  

Charlie, W4MEC in NC


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