[AMRadio] smart alec question

Todd, KA1KAQ ka1kaq at gmail.com
Tue Sep 22 15:31:27 EDT 2009

Eeep! Another Todd! Run for the hills!

It's a very good question, and more to the point of 'you're either on the
air, or online talking about it'. The bad thing about the internet is that
it allows you to keep up with things during work hours (when you'd not
normally be on the air anyway).

Chatted with John KX5JT around 7160 yesterday through the interference and
static. W9AD joined in, and by the time we decided to sign out, conditions
had improved just in time for the band to take a dive.

Bob, if you can go below 7200 let's give it a go. BC stations are becoming
an issue around this time above there. I just fired up the station a few
minutes ago, been busy on the phone much of the day with biz and real estate
matters. Heading out now to see what's up.

~ Todd (the other one),  KA1KAQ/4

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 3:24 PM, rbethman <rbethman at comcast.net> wrote:

> Well,  Called CQ a few times off and on up around 7290.  Haven't found
> much except SW stations.  They don't seem to know they are being run off!
> Bob - N0DGN
> Todd Carpenter wrote:
> > If everyone is on here postulating, who is on the air? My gear is out of
> service right now and my mobile is presently plagued with RFI or i would be
> skipping some of my work and on the air operating. (not that the topics are
> uninteresting)

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