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VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 23 20:55:17 EDT 2009

Steve I really enjoy that photo/text page of your transmitter project. 


There's nothing like seeing a Gates on a trailer hitch carrier. I can only imagine what people thought you were a-totin' going down the road.

That's a nice audio setup you described.  Is that Logitek from Fair Radio ?  Fred, KC4MOP was thinking about buying one because they looked good and it was a brand name for not much money.

I should probably again float this YouTube video from a while ago, making a Gates fit in the back of a minivan.  THAT was a fun project. The transmitter is now restored and retuned to 160, operating out of Michigan.


Best wishes,


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Right now my Gates BC1T has a Sennheiser 421 dynamic cardioid mic (set
one click off "M"), feeding a Berhinger VX200 mic processor.  Then it
goes thru a fairly noisy Logitek rack mixer to an equalizer to let me
roll the highs off to avoid being too wide,  That in turn feeds a
4-band Texar Audio Prism, then a hot-rodded 3-band Dorrough DAP-310
with the second generation AM limiter card.  The processors are all
running pretty gently.

There's picture of the audio rack on my website at the bottom of the
page related to the Gates transmitter:

Steve WD8DAS


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