[AMRadio] Message Volume (was Microphone recommendation)

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Thu Sep 24 00:51:20 EDT 2009

> Isn't it time we found something else to talk about?  My mailbox is
> clogged with mic recommendations!
> Thanks and 73,
> John,  W4AWM

You need to change over to the Digest Mode.  That way you receive a bundle 
of messages in one e-mail and your in-box doesn't get clogged up whenever 
there is heavy  response to a particular topic.

I subscribe to several mailing lists and all of mine are set to digest mode. 
If I received a separate e-mail for each message sent out in each list, I 
would sometimes get hundreds of separate messages a day, and no way could I 
deal with all that.  I just open the digest and go down the list of topics 
and read the messages that interest me, then delete the whole thing when I 
finish, unless I want to save something.  If none of the topics look 
interesting, I just delete the e-mail without reading any of the messages.

Don k4kyv


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