[AMRadio] better meter, same price

Greg Mijal bluebirdtele at embarqmail.com
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My experience with the little red wonders have been mixed.  They will blow 
if you try to read large amounts of current. Also, on the highest voltage 
range there was a 50 v dc difference between the two meters I was using to 
check out a plate supply.  I think the manufacturer was more interested in 
low voltage, low current measurents and didn't really build the unit to 
handle tube gear sized power.
The Radio Shack $29.99 auto ranging meter is worse.
Very slow to auto-range and intermittant operation.  Blows fuses frequently 
I just bought a $20 DMM from Sears and so far, it's seems to be ok.
Kinston NC
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> The $2.99 meter at Harbor freight has removable leads, 1000VDC and
> 750VAC ranges, Ohms200 to 2000K, 10ADC and 200maAC and includes a
> transistor tester and back lighting.  I usually buy 5 each time I am
> in there and I sometimes use them as panel meters in projects if there
> is room behind the panel.  Just set them to the scale you want, mount
> behind a rectangular cutout to view the face, use a 9V zener to grab a
> little power from the main circuit of the project....or if you dont
> mind changing the battery, leave it as is.  Its cheaper than you can
> buy a panel meter and you can set it to what ever range you want and
> label it below the viewing port as to what it is reading.  Save the
> leads for when you connect your bench unit to a high voltage circuit
> with it in AMPS mode and burn up a lead.  .......Dont ask how I know.
> BTW, its fused so only the lead takes the hit.
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> Jim Isbell
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