[AMRadio] Microphone recomendation

BILL GUYGER bguyger at sbcglobal.net
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Not sure that Euro or Phoenix connectors were around (or at least readily available) when these beasties were built. Strictly 1970's low tech.

Bill AD5OL

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> Amen to Steve's comments on Logitek. They run 120V. from the back panel to 
> the power switch on the front panel on a piece of Belden 8451 shieded pair 
> audio cable bundled in with the microphone lines from the back panel 
> connectors. Shall we say less than "best engineering practices".


Consideration to rack placement is critical.  If access to the Logitek's top 
cover is needed for maintenance and its obstructed, it means removing every 
single wire to an array of screw-down barrier strips.  A better solution for 
Logitek would have been to design a back-plane using miniature Euro-Block 
connectors so that groups of plugs can be unplugged from a mating barrier 
jack.  Need to remove the mixer from the rack?  No problem.  Just unplug a 
few connectors and reconnect when maintenance is complete.

For most equipment, removing a few wires is not problematic.  But when you 
consider the number of possible connections on the Logitek back-plane, 
removing every wire can be a nightmare.  Fortunately for amateur radio 
purposes, not too many of us need a lot of inputs -- unlike typical remote 
broadcast demands.

Paul, W9AC 

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