[AMRadio] MCM Electronics digital multimeter for $2.99

sbjohnston at aol.com sbjohnston at aol.com
Thu Sep 24 23:35:46 EDT 2009

Bernie wrote:

>I guess we can see from some comments that it must be normal to mark 
up an
>item 200 to 300 percent to make a few bucks at a hamvention.  I find 
>rather sad. Bernie

I believe someone said they could buy some meters at $3 plus shipping, 
then bring them to a hamfest and sell them for $7 to $8.  That's 133 to 
166 percent mark up  I'd pay a 4 to 5 buck premium to save the trouble 
of ordering and paying the shipping, bringing it to me, etc.   And you 
still getting the meter below its normal catalog price.   How is this 

And of course, at a hamfest, you can look at a guy's price for 
something and shake your head and walk on if you don't like it.  Or 
offer him less.

Steve WD8DAS

sbjohnston at aol.com
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