[AMRadio] MCM Electronics digital multimeter for $2.99

sbjohnston at aol.com sbjohnston at aol.com
Fri Sep 25 00:35:50 EDT 2009

Robert W4RL wrote:

>And also true gifts that are unconditionally given to friends and 
>are those that need not be mentioned publicly, as if so, they are not 
>but hidden agendas by the giver. Yes, this is rather sad.

Huh? The only mentions of getting meters to give as gifts I saw were

>> I like the idea of populating the house & cars with
>> one as well as my kids needs. This will leave a
>> few left for friends. Whenever someone gives me
>> something it brightens my day.


>> You are sooo right on giving someone something...
>> I am for ever sending people stuff and they want
>> to pay and I tell them to brighten someone's day
>> by giving as well..

What in the world is wrong with those comments?  If someone said, "I 
gave nice meters worth $XXX to John Smith, Jim Doe, and Mary Dale - 
they better reciprocate," you might have a point.  But merely 
mentioning that a guy likes to have some stuff around to give away to 
friends is hardly a hidden agenda as you claim.

Setting aside that it is just nice to give a gift now and again, a good 
way to encourage newcomers to a technical hobby or career is to give 
them something interesting.  And a useful tool like a multimeter is a 
really good choice.  I have a few of the Harbor Freight meters in my 
office at work to give to young folks that come through and express an 
interest in what we do.

Am I planting seeds of goodwill, just being nice, or do I have a hidden 

Steve WD8DAS

sbjohnston at aol.com
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