[AMRadio] MCM Electronics digital multimeter for $2.99

Larry Szendrei ne1s at securespeed.us
Fri Sep 25 08:05:36 EDT 2009

sbjohnston at aol.com wrote:
> I believe someone said they could buy some meters at $3 plus shipping, 
> then bring them to a hamfest and sell them for $7 to $8.  That's 133 to 
> 166 percent mark up  I'd pay a 4 to 5 buck premium to save the trouble 
> of ordering and paying the shipping, bringing it to me, etc.   And you 
> still getting the meter below its normal catalog price.   How is this 
> "sad"?
> And of course, at a hamfest, you can look at a guy's price for 
> something and shake your head and walk on if you don't like it.  Or 
> offer him less.
Agreed! That's one (of many) of the great things about free trade and 
capitalism - if each party involved doesn't believe they are gaining, 
then no deal transpires. If each does, of course, it does. Nothing is 

I've gotten a lot of hamfest fodder for free over the years, from 
various sources. I give some away (0% profit); sometimes I sell some of 
it for a small sum (which makes the % profit infinite!). In each case 
where I have charged the buyer was very happy with the outcome.


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