[AMRadio] MCM Electronics digital multimeter for $2.99

Jim Isbell, W5JAI jim.isbell at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 13:43:58 EDT 2009

On Fri, Sep 25, 2009 at 11:02 AM, D. Chester <k4kyv at charter.net> wrote:

> That's why I would much rather trade  radio stuff for other radio stuff,
> rather than to try to sell for cash.  Inevitably, whenever I ask enough $$
> to make a sale worth my while, someone thinks I am asking too much and
> ripping the other person off.  All dollar(ette)s are exactly the same,
> steadily lose buying power every day that passes, and will probably be gone
> without a trace within weeks, if not days.  But if I can trade what I think
> is a nice piece in exchange for a different piece that someone else thinks
> is nice, and both of us are happy and we each have a unique item that we may
> keep for years.

Me too, but its harder to do.  I have a 10 car garage full of "junk"
that I think is "treasure".  But it seems that my 'treasure"  is
always the next guys "junk".  For instance, three antique fax machines
from Western Union, the ones that transmit signatures using heat
sensitive paper and an arc.  I got them years ago to make a weather
fax for my airplane hanger, but never did.  The problem with money is
that, as you say,  disappears within weeks.  Down a black hole called
by various names such as dinner, wife's hair dresser, gasoline, etc.
And another reason to hold "things" instead of dollars is that
inflation makes dollars worth less with time and things worth more
with time.

Jim Isbell
"If you are not living on the edge, well then,
you are just taking up too much space."

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