[AMRadio] AM 75- 80 meters

john at n9ami.com john at n9ami.com
Sun Sep 27 11:32:06 EDT 2009

There is lots of AM activity here on 3870 Mondays San Diego net, Wed 
West Coast AMI Net, Saturday Morning Northern Nevada/Ca. Round Table. 
Every time I call CQ here 80% of the time I can find someone to chat 
with on AM.

 On 9/27/2009 8:16:54 AM, Edward Swynar (gswynar at durham.net) wrote:
 > Hi Bernie,
 > I sorta hung up my Viking II & RCA AR-88LF combo into retirement mode up
 > on Y
 > the shelf here several years back for the very reason you mentioned
 > about
 > 40-meters...
 > I'd call & call CQ at various hours of the day with no responses 
 > So I finally stopped trying.
 > As for 75-meters, well, I guess some old habits are slow to die...but 
 > what I've
 > been hearing up & around the "window" of 3800-3885-KHz, more than
 > a few of the regular AM denizens seem to actually enjoy the 
challenges of
 > standing-up to the random (and by times, downright vicious!) heckling 
 > a
 > few of the more "expressive" within the SSB crowd...
 > NOT the sort of place
 > you'd really want to demonstrate the joys & pleasures
 > of AM phone, to visitors in the shack!
 > The part of the band around 3.7-MHz seems far more civilized. I enjoy
 > SWL'ing
 > the gentlemen who come down there for some interesting technical
 > QSOs on AM...
 > ~73~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ
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 > From: "Bernie Doran"

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