[AMRadio] AM 75- 80 meters

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Sep 27 11:42:27 EDT 2009

Good Question Bernie!  Old habits is all I can surmise.  At the moment 
many guys probably haven't gotten back on the air because of static.  I 
have been on a couple of times in the past 2-3 weeks but that is all. 
We have had an inordinate amount of moisture the past two years and 
attendant static to accompany the rainfall.  So I have turned everything 
off by about 5:30 PM and trundled inside to talk to the wife. 
Fortunately, a conversation with her is still interesting after 32 

I suppose people congregate around 3.889-3.890 because they know that is 
the guard frequency.  You will almost always find people there.  This 
morning I heard an old friend on the air for the first time in months so 
I warmed the TX to talk to him.  He was signing as I called but he 
stayed to talk.  As I began to sign two others joined in the QSO, and 
all this on 3.880.  All of them, save one, were Advanced class or Extra. 
We could have easily moved down but didn't.

I suggest you find someone you like to meet weekly, daily, or whatever 
schedule you want.  After a few weeks of operating stations will start 
joining in.  Too bad we are so far apart.  I would.


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> what is this fascination with 3880 to 3885? last evening my s meter 
> did not
> fall below +20 tuning through that area and each side. there is no 
> possible
> way to have a QSO at times like that unless you are talking to your 
> next
> door neighbor!  I gave up and went to 3705, called cq for 30 minutes 
> untill
> dave w9ad ran across me.  I could find only three or four ssb stations
> between 3.6 and 3.7.   the low end is almost not used, if it is not 
> going to
> be used the band might as well be changed back where it was.  And yes, 
> I
> know this has been brought up before, and yes I know there are 
> generals, not
> an excuse for most, a few hours with the license manual and you are an
> extra. I talked with a 13 year girl a while back that was an extra!! 
> I
> will be back on the low end tonight around 3.7 +or -15, maybe I can 
> get a
> ssb to respond.  Of course maybe it is just that no one wants to talk 
> to
> me!!   I have also been listening and calling on 7160 and 7290 for 
> several
> days without a nibble.    Just about ready to throw in the towel and 
> get rid
> of my junk. Bernie

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