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Sun Sep 27 12:05:20 EDT 2009

Why the endless congregating around the so-called "calling 
frequencies"?  Maybe it's the "watering hole" effect - people tend to 
go where they know the action is, even if it is too crowded and 

I've noticed a growing trend of 100w-class stations reporting less 
success in recent years.  I have a theory that this is due to the 
ever-climbing local noise levels in our neighborhoods.  This noise will 
tend to mask the weaker signals at the receive end, resulting in fewer 
possible "recipients" for low and medium power CQs.
I find I have to be very diligent about tracking down and eliminating 
sources of noise in my own house just to keep my receive noise level 

I'm seeing the same thing in AM and FM broadcasting - long-time 
home-based listeners to our radio stations are having more trouble in 
recent years hearing the same old stations transmitting with the same 
power levels - the background noise is covering up the fringe 
reception.  Mobile reception doesn't seem to be as troubled - except by 
the recent trend of traffic light systems that produce VHF interference 
at intersections.

Another factor on both ends of the potential amateur contacts may be 
the more limited antenna options many operators are stuck with - makes 
it harder to use the 100w power level.

Steve WD8DAS

sbjohnston at aol.com
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