[AMRadio] AM 75- 80 meters

Dennis Gilliam dennisgilliam at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 12:15:27 EDT 2009

On the broadcast frequencies, most of the noise comes from 'Hybrid
Digital', or HD implementation.  Some of that trash on the ham bands
is overmodulated PSK-31 or other digital mode comms stuff.  The rest
is good old hash from crappy appliances and bad electrical
distribution grid.

The digital encroachment axiom is bad enough in a technical sense, but
the accompanying popular devotion is leading real radio straight into
hell.  Next thing you know some hams will be doing podcasts!

Just one old buzzards' take, your mileage may vary.

73 W7TFO

Looking for the truth is like looking at the sun:  It is sometimes
better to not go directly at it.

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