[AMRadio] AM 75- 80 meters

Bernie Doran qedconsultants at embarqmail.com
Sun Sep 27 14:02:42 EDT 2009

hi Rob: yep I made a contact on 7290, almost still in shock. I just do not 
hear any activity most of the time, just seems like a shame.   some of our 
Canadian friends do operate 3725 consistently so they are down there. I 
believe there was a post a short time ago from a chap that did order a bunch 
of low end crystals to sell and also wondered what happened.    I was just 
running the ft1000 of 7290 with a 40 w carrier, 40 is probably my favorite 
band. It really changed fast when I was talking with Rick.
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> Hi Bernie,
> I heard u in a qso this a.m. with WA3MJY and enjoyed reading the mail
> and was gg to jump in and relay to da botayas that u were trying to
> tell each other that the other guy had faded out but didn't get to the
> rig before another QSO came up out of the aether...but anyway if some
> sort of effort is made to populate 3.6 to 3.7 I'll give it a try--I
> think the so called "am window" is used because there's a safety in
> numbers notion and maybe a lot of the guys have their dipoles cut for
> the top of 75 and/or have xtals up there (yes a few run rock bound
> stuff) in addition to the other reasons.  I know a few hams who don't
> want to upgrade now that there is no code test.  But yes, there's some
> nice clear real estate down there below 3700.
> I tried to do my part to keep 7160 open this morning; tried calling cq
> and found someone already there on LSB, so I qsy up to 7165 which
> sounded clear for a few khz up and down and ran 300 w. and had a great
> qso with Kevin WB0JZG but the SSB gang was getting restless and when
> we wrapped it up some UFL (that's unidentified flying lid) preached a
> nice sermonette and finished by telling us if we want broadcast audio
> to go buy broadcast stations.  On the other hand I got this very nice
> email a few minutes ago from a ham who I won't identify because he may
> not like my forwarding his email to a reflector so I'll just put in
> the text:
> "I was monitoring 7.165 sunday morning and heard you and WB0JZG in
> qso. I wish to congratulate you on your AM station and the broadcast
> quality signal heard on sunday morning - very nice S9 + 10 carrier
> with fantastic audio. Also your qrz bio was informative and humorus at
> the same time. Enjoyable to read. In fone I operate mostly SSB but AM
> adds spice, variety and enjoyment to my operating activities. I was
> listening to you both on a restored Collins 75 A1. My AM transmitter
> is a Collins 32 V2 with 2 channel EQ to give added mid range to base
> generated by the Collins. I have made AM contacts on my Icom 7800 and
> alpha 89. More fun using the Collins on AM."
> Well, that made my day especially after I saw the subject line which
> was "Your AM signal" in my in-box and I got geared up for a flame from
> some p.o. s/b operator!
> 73
> Rob K5UJ
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