[AMRadio] License Class

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Sep 27 15:44:51 EDT 2009

Hi Guys and Gals,

It is the intent of this reflector to discuss the AM mode, equipment and 
issues relating to the operation of AM.  The FCC rules do not omit any 
class of license except Novice from operating the mode so let's please 
not get into a discussion about which class of license is appropriate or 

Also to keep harmony let's not get into details of when the test was 
harder or easier.  I am a licensed pilot and have heard that type of 
argument about pilots, engineers, 6th grade students and HS graduates, 
and have made the argument from time to time.  I have an ARRL License 
Q&A manual from about 1976 here to refresh my memory and if you haven't 
read one that old or older, you would be in for a surprise.

So in that spirit lets be respectful of each other, no matter our class 
of license and not degenerate into a contest of who can hurt who the 

Thanks for your cooperation.


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