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Todd Carpenter n9ysq at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 28 05:50:19 EDT 2009

I am so glad that a panel of exam experts is on the list. I struggled to understand enough of the electronics to pass the general exam. The math and theory are latin to me. I can teach the technician exam, and have on occasion. Extra however is a whole different world to me. Who would like to be my elmer on this? Thanks. Todd.

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Hi Tom: I respectful have to disagree with you. the extra that I passed  was 
far simpler that the general examination that I took in 1954. for that test 
one had to correctly draw circuits, my test required a Hartley oscillator 
and a neutralized push pull triode amplifier and I believe a few others.  I 
took a first phone the same year and found it to be about the same as the 
extra of those days. I never took the twenty WPM as the best I could copy 
was about 22 and I figuired that was not enough of a buffer, plus the bands 
were the same for extra and general at that time.    I would like to hear 
comments from others that took the general/extra back in the 50s and see 
what they thought, I guess the best thing would be track down an old license 
manual.     73 Bernie

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> Bernie Said:
> .....And yes, I know this has been brought up before, and yes I know there
> are generals, not
> an excuse for most, a few hours with the license manual and you are an
> extra. I talked with a 13 year girl a while back that was an extra!!.....
> NZ4O Says:
> It really get's old hearing the Extra Class license denigrated on this 
> email
> list. I have a BS in Meteorology, an MS in Space Plasma Physics and an 
> above
> average IQ but could not memorize all of the answers to all of the 
> questions
> in the current Extra Class license question pool. I had to study and
> understand the material over a period of a few months to pass the test on
> the first try.
> 99.9% of the people that denigrate the current Extra Class question pool 
> as
> being so easy that the answers to the questions can be memorized in short
> order, CAN NOT ACCOMPLISH THAT FEAT. Since the Morse code requirement was
> reduced to 5 wpm and then ultimately to zilch (which I did not agree with)
> the

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