[AMRadio] Ham Radio Growing in the Age of Twitter

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The results to the first survey have been so gratifying and reinforces my belief that "old time radio" is alive and well!
12 Yes to all three survey questions and 0 No's.  Continue to submit to me.

Next survey submitted by Max, M0GHQ, which may be more relevant.
Thanks Max and thank you participants.

I will tabulate the results in 48 hours:

Dave, W3ST/W3CRA
Collins Radio Association

Was it a 'new technology' project i.e transistor /IC. Yes______   No___x___

Was it a tube type 'old technology' project        Yes__x___  No_____

Was it Home brew                   Yes_______  No__x___

Kit                                       Yes ____    No__x___

Repair of existing  gear   Yes__x___  No____

73 de Tom/W4OKW

Other...  Please state  ________________

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