[AMRadio] heavy metal

H.L. hl at sfsu.edu
Wed Apr 7 19:38:11 EDT 2010

Re: definition and minimum weight of "heavy metal."

Many vintage Heavy Metal units contain some plastic and wood in 
addition to metal! Thus, may I include the weight of my receiver's 
large horizontal loop antenna and its coil form, which is our house 
itself? If so, I hereby submit the following heavy metal receiver:

       2	 lbs:	1951 Meissner 3-tube regenerative receiver
160,000	 lbs:	loop wire + loop coil form
160,002	 lbs	total

Aside from the Meissner, inside this "coil form" is a TMC transmitter 
and receiver system with rooftop TMC ATS-2 vertical.

73 Hal KK6HY

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